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Car Rental in Mattoon, Illinois

What does Mattoon, IL and New York City have in common? They both lay claim to being the bagel capital of the world, except in Mattoon's case it’s because they are the home of Lenders’ Bagels. Although Lender’s Bagels are quite tasty for a frozen bagel, it’s still a bold statement to make. Some people might always think of bagels as being distinctively New York, you can see the world’s largest bagel on display in Mattoon.

The name Mattoon is in honor of William Mattoon and the effect that the railroads had on the community in its developing stages in the mid 1800s. William Mattoon was the chief construction engineer for the Terre Haute and Alton Railroad. As the Terre Haute and Alton Railroad and the Illinois Central Railroad were being constructed in 1853 and the two railroads crossed in Mattoon.

The junction of the two railroad lines is what convinced local settlers to flock to Mattoon and the town gradually started to transform from swampland prairies to homes, buildings and schools as a real community was formed. The power of the locomotive and transportation helped put Mattoon on the map and the excellent farm land aided in growing Mattoon during the 19th century. If you are traveling to Mattoon in the 21st century, you will probably want to go buy car and can help you find the best prices on rental cars in Mattoon.

President Lincoln, then a senator from Illinois, spent the night in Mattoon, along with Stephen Douglas the night before their now famous Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred. Mattoon like many other manufacturing communities in the early 20th Century, suffered the fate of having many plants shut down in the last few decades. In 2007, Mattoon was chosen to be the home of a new FutureGen power plant, which is a clean coal gasification project that will build a near zero-emissions coal-fueled power plant.

If you are a fan of great fun, good food, live music and of course cream cheese, then the summer time is when you should visit Mattoon to experience their unique Bagelfest. Experience BagelFest and see some of music’s best acts like country music star Travis Tritt. You’ll have more of than a schmear of fun, even if the people there aren’t familiar with the term.

Whether you are planning a vacation to Concord, visiting friends, arriving for a business trip or planning a weekend getaway, can help you find the lowest prices on rental cars in Mattoon for companies like Hertz , Avis and Budget. Weekly Discount Newsletter

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Rental Locations in Mattoon, Illinois

2009 Lakeland Blvd

2009 Lakeland Blvd
Mattoon, IL 61938
Phone: 2172351300