You Can Save Money on Last-Minute Car Rentals

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If you are trying to fly somewhere at the last second, you often need to pay a pretty penny. The airfare system is set up to capitalize on last minute travel, especially since most are business travelers, and when there are only a few seats left then the airlines can charge almost as much as they want. But when it comes to rental cars, the opposite is often true and you can find some big savings at the last minute. The rental car companies don’t make any money if a car is just sitting on the lot, so when they have an oversupply of cars they will often cut rates dramatically. And at, you can always find some of the lowest rates available anywhere.

Even though rental car rates sometimes drop at the last minute, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t book early if you have advance travel plans. The great thing about rental car reservations is that they are easy to cancel, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance and then keep checking as your rental date approaches. If the rate drops, then simply cancel your existing reservation and book a new reservation at the lower rate. In contrast to airfare, it’s almost always possible to cancel a rental car reservation with no penalty or fee. And if you do have last minute travel plans, don’t be worried that the rental car rates will be too high because in many cases you’ll find some great deals.

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