Why It’s a Smart Move to Check Non-Airport Rental Car Locations

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If you are looking for the best rental car rates, then you’ve already made a smart move by checking out RentaCarNow.com. Here’s another tip that can save you even more – make sure you check locations other than at the airport. While there are certainly situations where it makes sense to rent from an airport location, especially when it comes to convenience if you are flying, you can often find lower rates at other locations away from the airport. Part of the reason is that legislators love to tack on extra taxes, fees and surcharges to airport rentals. These vary by location, but can often add 10-20% to your bill, and sometimes even more. The thinking is that most people renting from the airport are out of town travelers, so local politicians have no problem charging them extra taxes to help build stadiums, fund city projects or just add to the general tax fund.

At RentaCarNow.com, we help you make a smart decision by showing you rental rates of various companies along with the taxes and fees. So make sure you are comparing the total amount before booking your reservation. If you can save $100 by renting from a non-airport location, sometimes it makes sense to take a shuttle or taxi to that location from the airport. Of course those locations are not always cheaper, and sometimes it’s hard to beat the convenience of picking up your car at the airport. But it’s at least a good idea to check out the other options before making your reservation.

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