Tips for Renting a Car When Traveling with Kids

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Whether you are taking a family vacation to Orlando to visit Disney World or just visiting grandma and grandpa, there’s a good chance you are going to need to rent a car. The first tip is to check the rates at, where you can always compare the lowest prices from a long list of major rental companies. Following are a few other tips to make your trip with the kids easier and cheaper.

If you are traveling with small children that require a safety seat, then it’s usually a good idea to bring one from home. Although child car seats are available for rent with your car, they will generally cost you $10 to $15 per day, and there’s always the chance they will run out and you never know the condition or model you are going to get. If you are concerned about bringing one from home, most airlines do not count child safety seats as baggage, so you can either check it for free or bring it on the plane (if you paid for a seat for the child). That tip will save you money, and this one might save you some aggravation – make sure you pick up some coloring books or travel games for the kids to play, especially if you are taking a long drive. And let them get involved in the rental car decision. Many companies will have a variety of options for the vehicle class you reserved, so consider letting the kids decide the color and make of the car you choose. That will all add up to a fun and affordable vacation for the entire family.

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