Tips for Changing Your Rental Car Reservation

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Unlike most airline reservations, it’s quick and easy to change or cancel rental car reservations. Of course if your plans change and you no longer need to rent a car, then that’s a good reason to cancel your reservation. But another good reason is to save money. When you book your rental car at, just be sure to save your reservation number in case you do need to make a change in the future. Generally speaking, you can change or cancel your reservation at any time with no penalty, and in most cases you don’t even need to provide your credit card information until you show up to rent the car.

Even if you are not sure about an upcoming trip or whether you will actually need to rent a car, it’s a good idea to go ahead and make a reservation anyway. That allows you to lock in your price now, and you can always keep checking back to see if rates go any lower. In fact, it’s a smart move to check back every week or two and see what the current rental car rates are. If you see a price that is lower than your reservation, all you need to do is change your existing reservation or cancel and re-book. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars just by checking to see if rates have gone down. And if they go up, then you can just sit back and be happy knowing that you already got the best deal possible.

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