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Hertz Continues to Expand Local Facilities, Opens Number 2,000

You can find a Hertz rental car counter in virtually every airport in the United States, and now you have a better chance of finding one in your own neighborhood as the company has announced the opening of its 2,000th Hertz Local Edition rental car facility. The newest location is in Philadelphia next to the Windsor Suites Hotel, and to celebrate the milestone Hertz has announced that all local rentals will be eligible to earn 2,000 Marriot Rewards points, instead of the standard 500.

Hertz, along with all the other major rental car companies, have been expanding into local markets to meet the demand for rentals at non-airport locations. These rentals are typically for local residents who need a car while their own car is being repaired, or those who don’t own a car but just to rent one for a short period. There is also demand for rental cars at hotels and resorts, as more travelers realize the advantages of taking a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and renting a car there. You can often find lower rental car rates at local rental facilities, and those savings can be magnified by the fact that local rentals typically don’t have as many added fees, taxes and surcharges compared to airport rentals. RentACarNow.com makes it easy to compare airport and local rental car rates from all the top companies at thousands of locations all over the country.

Rent Compact Cars at Orlando International (MCO) For $12.95

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Orlando is an integral city in the center of Florida. It is located in Orange County and boasts Disney World and Universal Studios as two of its major tourist attractions. The Orlando area has the 27th largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is also one of the biggest tourist locations worldwide.

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Can You Smoke in a Rental Car?

If you’ve been traveling long enough you might remember the days when you could smoke on an airplane, but of course those days are long gone (at least in the United States and Canada) and now smoking bans have spread to restaurants, hotels and rental cars. So if you are renting a car at RentaCarNow.com, you might be wondering whether you can smoke in the car, or on the flip side, you might be looking for a smoke-free car. The policies related to smoking vary widely by rental car company and even by location within the same rental car company, but here are a few things to remember.


When you pick up your rental car, make sure it’s one that fits your smoking needs. If you have a smoke-free car, it will usually have a sticker on the window, dashboard or keychain. Just remember that if you (or someone else) smokes in a smoke-free car, you could be charged a hefty cleaning fee, sometimes as much as $250. If you do want to smoke in your rental car, it’s a good idea to check with the vendor before you arrive, and then make sure you request a smoking car at the rental counter.