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New York: Top 3 Classic Hotels

While we already have a list for New York dining and tourist attractions, it’s about time we discuss New York lodging. If you’re looking to stay at a hotel that boasts of great interior, a haunting history, and a great location, then maybe you could check out the list below of classic New York hotels that you might find interesting! We all know, where you lay your head also makes an impact on your trip so hold off on checking out that New York car rental list and review this first.

Below is a list of 5 classic New York hotels you may either check-in at or just come in to visit to enthral at.



The Chatwal New York

Formerly known as the Lambs Club, the first ever American professional theatre organization, this building was assigned to be re-designed by hotelier Sant Chatwal to Thierry Despont, who is also responsible for the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty and the interiors of the Getty Museum. The result of Despont’s creation is a magnificent hotel that’s considered to be one of the most glamorous hotels in the city. The interiors are adorned with murals, posters, and memorabilia of the hotel’s beginnings in the theatre and its roots in classic New York.

The Pierre

Located at 61st Street at 5th Ave., this classic and ultimately posh hotel is as expensive as it looks. But don’t let that discourage you, considered as a landmark hotel since the 1930’s; The Pierre became part of the 2005 Indian Taj Resorts, Hotels, and Palaces so you know that it’s definitely worth it. With still a touch of old school to it, original fireplaces and elevator operators are still around. The rooms are surprisingly simple compared to the Grand Ballroom and the Rotunda. If you’re wondering where the influences are that got the hotel in the Indian Taj list, well if you look closely, you’ll see that the hotel is clad with modern Indian art, the bedspreads are made of silk, and the bathrooms are built on Turkish marbles.

The Plaza

It should be named The Palace in reality though. This 1907 French-Renaissance style condotel was reopened last 2008 after a $400 million renovation fee. In the renovation, 152 units were changed into private condo units while the rest are still lushly Louis-XV inspired hotel rooms complete with the butlers-with-white-gloves service. If that’s not enough, even while you do your business in the bathroom, you’ll definitely still feel like royalty as you marvel at the gold furnishings and the hanging chandelier on the ceiling, meanwhile, the sinks are fitted with 24-carat gold and mosaic baths. The Oak Bar, Oak Room, and the Palm Court Restaurant are also places within the hotel that are also considered as landmarks so make sure to take a peek when you have time.


Simple Travel Tips To Remember

It’s not always easy to plan a travel itinerary especially when you’re traveling alone. Sometimes even if you’re just traveling out of town, a couple of tips here and there could be a great help to get the ball rolling in arranging itineraries, lodging, and transportation.

First off is thinking of an ideal vacation spot to spend a luxurious weekend at. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a plane ride and a number of hours away; it could be as near as a couple miles away from home. You can check for cheap sale flights or search online for cheap car rentals that offer the best deals. Once you’ve had that targeted, it’s time to move towards your lodging.

If you’re fine with practicality and just the right amount of comfort and leisure, hostels are always the best choice. It’s comfortable enough with clean sheets, a clean bathroom, and great fellow travellers to meet, interact with, and be friends with. They’re also the best people to ask suggestions of where to go next, what to do and what else there is to see.

checklistLastly, the itinerary is what makes your entire travel vacation memorable. There are some people who prefer to just go with the flow, walk the streets and let the adventure come to them. That could work too, but taking into consideration some of the others who can’t function without an ideal plan, researching on the internet what ideal attractions to visit and which restaurants serve the best food. Arranging it beforehand, about a week before leaving, saves you all the time and stress than doing everything last minute. Also, purchasing tickets for either shows, a theme park, a museum exhibit or concerts a couple of days earlier always saves you more money than purchasing tickets at the establishment itself.

Also ask around or research on which places to visit for food, whether it’s for proper dining or street food goodness. Some travellers say that food is always what makes or breaks a vacation; it’s the ultimate adventure to try out those grilled chicken intestines or frog legs on sticks. And of course, the most important thing to never forget is your camera. Take photos of your travels, capture moments in a photograph and when bad days come along, although you can’t just hop in a car and leave, you can always go back to the memories through these photographs and feel instantly better.