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Simple Travel Tips To Remember

It’s not always easy to plan a travel itinerary especially when you’re traveling alone. Sometimes even if you’re just traveling out of town, a couple of tips here and there could be a great help to get the ball rolling in arranging itineraries, lodging, and transportation.

First off is thinking of an ideal vacation spot to spend a luxurious weekend at. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a plane ride and a number of hours away; it could be as near as a couple miles away from home. You can check for cheap sale flights or search online for cheap car rentals that offer the best deals. Once you’ve had that targeted, it’s time to move towards your lodging.

If you’re fine with practicality and just the right amount of comfort and leisure, hostels are always the best choice. It’s comfortable enough with clean sheets, a clean bathroom, and great fellow travellers to meet, interact with, and be friends with. They’re also the best people to ask suggestions of where to go next, what to do and what else there is to see.

checklistLastly, the itinerary is what makes your entire travel vacation memorable. There are some people who prefer to just go with the flow, walk the streets and let the adventure come to them. That could work too, but taking into consideration some of the others who can’t function without an ideal plan, researching on the internet what ideal attractions to visit and which restaurants serve the best food. Arranging it beforehand, about a week before leaving, saves you all the time and stress than doing everything last minute. Also, purchasing tickets for either shows, a theme park, a museum exhibit or concerts a couple of days earlier always saves you more money than purchasing tickets at the establishment itself.

Also ask around or research on which places to visit for food, whether it’s for proper dining or street food goodness. Some travellers say that food is always what makes or breaks a vacation; it’s the ultimate adventure to try out those grilled chicken intestines or frog legs on sticks. And of course, the most important thing to never forget is your camera. Take photos of your travels, capture moments in a photograph and when bad days come along, although you can’t just hop in a car and leave, you can always go back to the memories through these photographs and feel instantly better.


Tips to Avoid Surprise Charges for a Rental Car

Sometimes surprises are great, like a surprise birthday party or a surprise refund from the IRS, but a surprise charge from a rental car company is not. There are numerous unexpected and little known things that rental car companies can charge you for, so here’s a look at a couple of them and how to avoid an unpleasant extra charge. The first of these is a cleaning fee, which is easy to avoid with a little common sense. Rental car companies don’t expect the car to come back perfectly clean, but if you spilled a milkshake on the front seat and threw your mud-covered boots on the back seat, they might hit you with an extra fee to clean up the mess. So try to keep the car reasonably clean. If you do have a spill, try to clean it up quickly and inform the rental car company about it when you return the car. They are much more likely to waive any kind of fee if you don’t try to hide it.

Rental car companies can also charge a cleaning fee if you smoke in a car that is designated as non-smoking. The easy solution to this is to request a car in which smoking is permitted if you or anyone else plans to smoke. Lastly, be sure to fill up the tank with gas if you didn’t take the prepaid fuel option (which is almost always a bad deal for the customer). If you don’t fill up, you’ll get charged an excessive amount per gallon, plus a convenience fee. After all, you don’t want to give back any of the money you saved by renting a car through RentaCarNow.com.

Tips for Renting a Car When Traveling with Kids

Whether you are taking a family vacation to Orlando to visit Disney World or just visiting grandma and grandpa, there’s a good chance you are going to need to rent a car. The first tip is to check the rates at RentaCarNow.com, where you can always compare the lowest prices from a long list of major rental companies. Following are a few other tips to make your trip with the kids easier and cheaper.


If you are traveling with small children that require a safety seat, then it’s usually a good idea to bring one from home. Although child car seats are available for rent with your car, they will generally cost you $10 to $15 per day, and there’s always the chance they will run out and you never know the condition or model you are going to get. If you are concerned about bringing one from home, most airlines do not count child safety seats as baggage, so you can either check it for free or bring it on the plane (if you paid for a seat for the child). That tip will save you money, and this one might save you some aggravation – make sure you pick up some coloring books or travel games for the kids to play, especially if you are taking a long drive. And let them get involved in the rental car decision. Many companies will have a variety of options for the vehicle class you reserved, so consider letting the kids decide the color and make of the car you choose. That will all add up to a fun and affordable vacation for the entire family.

Tips for Changing Your Rental Car Reservation

Unlike most airline reservations, it’s quick and easy to change or cancel rental car reservations. Of course if your plans change and you no longer need to rent a car, then that’s a good reason to cancel your reservation. But another good reason is to save money. When you book your rental car at RentaCarNow.com, just be sure to save your reservation number in case you do need to make a change in the future. Generally speaking, you can change or cancel your reservation at any time with no penalty, and in most cases you don’t even need to provide your credit card information until you show up to rent the car.


Even if you are not sure about an upcoming trip or whether you will actually need to rent a car, it’s a good idea to go ahead and make a reservation anyway. That allows you to lock in your price now, and you can always keep checking back to see if rates go any lower. In fact, it’s a smart move to check back every week or two and see what the current rental car rates are. If you see a price that is lower than your reservation, all you need to do is change your existing reservation or cancel and re-book. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars just by checking to see if rates have gone down. And if they go up, then you can just sit back and be happy knowing that you already got the best deal possible.