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Travel Tips

plane-ticketA good vacation starts with a crucial, a very detailed and most especially, very smart planning. Failing to read the fine print of a travel package can lead to paying the price of comfort like finding yourself in a shabby hotel, eating bland food at the buffet or even riding a car with the A/C busted.

So just in case you’re thinking of taking the honey out on a second honeymoon (or a first), we encourage you to read the tips enumerated below so you can’t say you weren’t armed before going into the battlefield of travel planning.

Check out travel forums

First off, you first have to have an idea where you’re going, what to expect, and which sites to go to. You can always ask people who have been to those places for first hand tips and advice, but if a first-hand source is nowhere to be found, the existence of travel forums like Trip Advisor may be a jetsetter’s blessing.

Go old school, refer to travel agents

Although with the advent of online bookings, travel packages, and seat sales, referring to the services of a travel agent is still the best way to go. The old practice of travel booking, although slower to process, is still the most fool-proof method to choose. The trouble with travel packages is that everything is bundled; there is no option to choose a different hotel or opt for a better flight. The service referral of a travel agent ensures that you get the lowest rates possible with the arrangement of a great hotel with a buffet breakfast to boot. Plus, with fees included, studies show that travel agents are way cheaper than doing everything yourself.

Hop on a bus

If you’re not short on time, traveling by bus is as good as hopping on a plane. Buses aren’t as rickety and uncomfortable as they used to be in the days. You can try BoltBus, which connects major Northeast US cities, while MegaBus travels around Northeast and the Midwest states, has a route around Eastern Canada, and the U.K. too. It’s way cheaper, and although the travel time may be longer, you can use this time to contemplate things about your life – if you’re into that thing.

..Or hop on a rental car

Now if you really want to take your time, manage it yourself, and have the option of privacy and comfort, then renting a car may probably be what’s for you. Look back on our previous post to check the benefits of renting a car and once you’re convinced maybe you could check out National car rental for good deals and cheaper price listings.

National Car Rental Offers Chance to Win up to 350,000 Airline Miles

You can never have enough airline miles, so if you are looking to bulk up your account balance then check out the “Tales From The Road” contest being offered by National Car Rental. The contest offers three chances to win, and although the first leg has already passed, you can still take a shot at entering the final two legs of the contest through National’s Facebook page.

The second leg asks “What is your funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?” Even if you don’t have a story to submit, it should make for some fun reading when the winner is announced. If you want to enter that contest, the deadline is August 2.

The third and final leg asks “What is your greatest business success you’ve had on the road?” That leg of the contest opens on September 7 and runs through October 5. Each contest winner will bank 100,000 airline miles plus some other perks from National, and then the grand prize winner among those three will earn an additional 250,000 airline miles, plus 250,000 hotel points and some other great prizes. It doesn’t cost anything to enter, so it’s worth taking a chance at it. You can submit your entry at www.facebook.com/NationalCarRental.