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Miami… White Beaches and Crystal Blue Skies

Miami Car rental serviceLocated on the Atlantic coast of south eastern Florida is the sunny city of Miami. A city boasting of so much culture because of its wide support of the arts, entertainment, and its embrace for the diverse cultures and lifestyles of all of its citizens. So it’s no surprise that right after a vacation to this sunny city, you’ll live with plenty of colorful stories to tell your friends and family back home.

Known for its white beaches and crystal blue seas, Miami can also be a city that’s great to explore, not just with your friends for Spring break, but also with the entire family, pets included! Look up a Miami car rental service to take you around the city and visit the top tourist attractions that a lot of travellers are raving about online.

Since we’ve already said it, the top spot to visit in Miami is South Beach. Hop in a sedan, check-in at one of the grand hotels or the eclectic hostels around the area, and head on out to explore the streets and take a dip in the beach! If bathing under the sun hoping for a tan isn’t your thing, you can always bring your family to check out Miami’s zoos and museums where learning along with fun could be expected.

Take the entire clan down to 172nd avenue to visit the number 1 exotic petting zoo in South Florida, the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, so the kids could finally see real life sloths, lemurs, Gibbon apes, and snow leopards that aren’t in 3D. Other educational tourist attractions are the Miami Seaquarium for their outdoor marine shows featuring dolphins and killer whales, and the Miami Science Museum where there are world class exhibits that they change from time to time. Check their website to find out what will be featured in the museum on your travel dates.

There are plenty of other attractions that could be explored in Miami, just go online and search for further information on these tourist spots and see where your sense of adventure takes you.