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There’s More to Milwaukee Than Just Really Good Beer

Located on the south western shore of Lake Michigan, right in the state of Wisconsin is the county of Milwaukee. Besides the thousands of bars located around the city, you’d ask what else could be seen in the city besides their really good beer.

Actually, for those who don’t know, Milwaukee is quite the city that has a lot of culture and quirkiness hiding if only all the others knew where exactly to look.  To those who don’t know, here are a few attractions: First off, there’s The Safe House down at N. Front Street. Everyone knows that a safe house works as a hideout place for anyone where people convene, reside, or hide when things go crazy in the real world, in the intelligence trade, a safe house is defined as a place where spies meet and find rest. This safe house in Milwaukee might actually be one of the most unique restaurants you’ll come across as it is spy-themed.  It’s got the works with phone booths for alibis, passwords to enter the door, and a covert location where the Safe House is located in a building with a misleading International Exports Ltd. sign. Be sure to ask around to avoid getting lost!

If you’re still looking for another dose of fun, you should invite your pals out at The Holler House down by Lincoln Ave. Known for its preserved architecture and design, play bowling old school style! Don’t forget to also check out the most eclectic décor they have at the Holler House – about a thousand brassieres hung on the ceiling, left by lady patrons of the old Holler House. If you’ve got the guts, maybe you could leave one too and be part of history too.

The Oriental Theater, just like the Holler House, is also one of the historical attractions in the city, and also a record holder for continuing to show a film over the years. Take a gander at the ornate architecture and catch a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every midnight on every 2nd Saturday of the month, if you miss it, don’t worry as it will show again the next month, and the next, and the next..

Be sure to read up on travel guides and blogs to find out other cool attractions there are in Milwaukee, also look up for a car rental Milwaukee service that’s sure to get you around as you explore the city.