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Florida: Key West Fun Facts

keywestIf visiting Key West is part of your places to visit before you die, we think it’s important that you just a little bit more fun information besides the usual guidelines on where to eat and where to bunk beds.

We all know that Key West is a quirky little town filled with quirky personalities. Sure enough, there are a number of quirky little tidbits that are interesting enough to know just for the heck of it. So below is a list of not-so-useful information that we think you might enjoy:


  • If you want to see about 40 polydactyl kitties, you’ll find some at the Ernest Hemingway Museum. In case you guys were wondering, polydactyl cats are cats with 6 toes. Neat, eh?
  • At Sloppy Joe’s Bar, you’ll spot on their wall 2 of Ernest Hemingway’s uncashed checks!
  • One of the main roads, Duval Street, was named after Florida’s first and longest serving governor of Florida. It’s also the “world’s longest street” which runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Inhabitants of Key West are called Conchs (pronounced as ‘conks’). People who weren’t born in Key West but have lived in the town for 7 years or more are called “Fresh Water Conchs”.
  • The term “conchs” came from people with European ancestry that moved from the Bahamas. They say that a conch shell is placed outside their doorstep when a baby was born.
  • Robert the Haunted Doll, which was once owned by the artist Robert Eugene Otto, was said to be possessed by evil spirits. Today, the doll can be seen at Fort East Martello and Gardens.
  • The reason and history for Robert the Haunted Doll’s reputation was because, as they said, the doll was a gift to Eugene by a Bahamian servant who was skilled in black magic. The family said that they would see the doll changing expressions, moving from window to window when the family was out, or even threatens to kill its child owners at night.

It may be few, but these tidbits may just be that much needed push for you to finally search the net for the best rental car rates to get you to Key West from the airport in no time. Don’t forget to be extra careful in taking a photo of Robert the Haunted Doll, we don’t want him visiting you in your hotel room at night!

Reconnect With Old Friends, Plan A Vacation!

No matter how many weekends you stay in your apartment and spend the whole day in bed, it still won’t compare to having an actual vacation out of town and being literally away from home for a couple of days. True you may be getting hours upon hours of sleep, and plenty of quality time with your books, your tv shows, or your bed, but to see the same things day after day isn’t quite as relaxing as you think.

If you find yourself being a little bit crankier during Mondays, and having a little less patience for your interns whenever they have questions, maybe it’s high time that you pick up that phone and call on your gang to plan out a short but sweet vacation out of town.

Check out those cool travel blogs your friends online have been raving about, find out what tips they have to say about driving out on a long road trip to Vegas, or hitting the beaches in Miami. You could also go on an eclectic and highly spiritual trip to Key West if you wish. Dine in picnics at local parks, revel in the beauty of nature as you watch the sunset, or spend the entire afternoon biking around town.


Since graduating high school or college, it’s natural that you and your friends may have drifted a little since work and real life started. This is the perfect time to re-connect and rekindle that friendship over a bottle of drinks at a restaurant with exotic cuisine or maybe over a bonfire at the beach with marshmallows on sticks just like old times.

So go on ahead, book that vacation leave with your boss, get on that computer, check on best rental car rates for your trip, book the hotel, and save the dates. It’s time to let loose, relax, have fun, and reconnect!


Discover a newer side of Florida’s Key West

90 miles from Cuba and nested on the southernmost tip of Florida Keys is where you will find a small haven of rich bohemian culture that’s bordering on Caribbean more than American. Key West is known to be a melting pot of writers, artists, street musicians, sailors, and ultimately, bohemians who walk the streets daily and probably even carrying books by Voltaire.

Start your day exploring Old Town where most of the tourist attractions can be found. To be able to fully explore this old town that is Old Town, hop on the trolley tour buses which scour the area and take a trip down 500 years of rich history. After the tour, you can choose to explore some more on foot (with a little shopping on the side) and treat yourself to some of Key West’s unique dishes that can be found at the bar and restaurant district down at Duval Street.

If you’ve conquered up history on your itinerary and had your fill of tasteful architecture, it’s time to get in touch with nature as you check out Key West’s tropical gardens, butterfly conservatories, their island cruises, and marvel at the glorious sunset up at Mallory Square. Soak up the scenery and set up a picnic at environmental artist’s Nancy Forrester’s small patch of paradise down at Simonton Street or walk down the path of nature and feast your eyes on all the beautiful butterflies at Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. To cap off a very spiritual and enriching day, choose a cozy spot down at Mallory Square and join the Sunset Celebration. Don’t worry about missing this as this happens daily.

Find your way to a whole new adventure and be ready to pack up your belt with a whole lot of new experiences down at this unique city. Call up a Key West car rental, hop in, and brace yourself for a whole new world.