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How to Rent the Car of Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream car – for some it’s a lightning-fast Ford Mustang and others long for the luxury of a Mercedes sedan while still others want to have their hair blowing in the wind as they cruise down the highway in a convertible. While your dream car might not be practical, either because there’s no room for the kids or the price is simply out of your reach, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Most of the major rental car companies now offer rental cars that go well beyond the standard classes like mid-size and full-size. Each company has a fancy name for this class of rental cars, such as the Adrenaline Collection or Prestige Collection, but they all give you the chance to rent a car for that special occasion, weekend trip, or just because you’ve always wanted to drive a certain car.

While it’s going to cost you more to rent a car from one of these special collections, you might be surprised to find that the total cost is still pretty affordable, especially when you compare that to the cost of buying one of those cars. Many of these elite cars are available through RentACarNow.com, while others might only be available through the specific rental car company’s website. So if you have a special car in mind, why not try renting it instead of buying it.