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A New Way to Save Money on Rental Cars

One of the best ways to save money on a rental car is to compare the rates from all the major rental car companies and look for alternate locations in the area where you need a car. RentACarNow.com makes it easy to do that in just a few minutes, but if you are looking to rent a car in Atlanta, there’s another option that might be worth checking out. Budget Rent A Car has launched a pilot program that offers renters a significant discount if they opt for a car that is wrapped with advertising for Sheets Brand Energy Strips.

“Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, this was conceived on a cocktail napkin in a restaurant. We’ve developed a new and unique way for brands to interact with their consumer audiences,” said David Berke, COO of Wrap Media Group, in a news release. “The ability to integrate wrapped vehicles, product placement and online interaction into one solution is unparalleled.”

Of course if you are renting a car for business and plan to have clients in the car, then perhaps this isn’t for you, but if you are just renting a car for a pleasure trip then the extra discount is a nice perk. It’s too early to say if this idea will catch on and be expanded to other locations, but stay tuned in the future to see how it goes.