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Staten Island’s Hidden Gems

Staten Island, one of the famous five boroughs of New York City, and said to be known as the most suburban of them all. But despite this, it surely doesn’t mean that you won’t any interesting spots to visit as you tour the island.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to go about the island, there are plenty of choices to consider whether you’re looking for a sense of comfort, a view along that short travel, or if you’re considering the least time spent on hours during travel.

The most sought after mode of travel is by ferry from Manhattan. Taking this route shows its passengers a stunning of the skyline of Manhattan and the New York harbour as well. There is also an option of getting to Staten Island by car, either through a car rental like Payless car rental or a taxi cab, through Brooklyn or New Jersey. If not, there is also the option of taking the express bus as well.

Below is a list of some of the most raved about tourist attractions that many have seen and have also greatly appreciated:

Chinese Scholar Garden


The most recent addition to the tourist sites on the island is this garden replica of the Ming dynasty. This authentic Suzhou garden can be located at the Staten Botanical Garden. It’s the best place to experience serenity and harmony, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center


This is considered as the island’s most genuine hidden gems. Take the time to bring a picnic basket and take the family to walk through the area while the sun is out. The place is well taken care of and carries a rich history that definitely tells a great story. It was originally a place where women waited for their husbands to come from sea, and also a place where artists were granted cottages for homes. The place proves to show a lot of interesting things to see and read.

Alice Austen House, Museum and Garden


Previously owned by the photographer Alice Austen in the 19th and 20th century, this gingerbread house is known to house all her photographs for exhibit which shows the island as she was growing up. It provides a picturesque view of Staten Island before what it is today. The gardens are open, too, for relaxation and picnics with the family.

Staten Island Children’s Museum


It may not be Disney World, but this place is good enough. The vast expanse of the land is so huge a kid would probably need more than a day to explore the area. There are sections dedicated to themes, and plenty of exhibits that are hands on for the children. Definitely a place of fun and learning.