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How To Save On Your Car Rental

Summer is halfway over but of course, we should never lose the hope of a wonderful and memorable summer adventure this year! If the only thing stopping you in your tracks form achieving that summer highlight with your friends is the lack of a car rental deal, then you found yourself reading the right guide!

Below are 4 tips to follow to score cheap car rentals:


Remember that the car rental industry is a huge one which means that there are plenty of companies to choose from. It is also safe to assume that the competition in the industry is really stiff since there are plenty rental companies out there. This then results to each company having unique car deals that cater to every type of customer that they may have – whether it’s a professional businessman on a business trip or a wacky family bunch out to see Mickey’s castle.

Narrow down which areas you want to visit, list down all the possible car rental agencies within the area, and then research on which agency can give you the cheapest offer. Putting in that extra time on research will always lead you to what you’re looking for.

Only get the car that you need

Although the temptation to rent the car of your dreams, always keep your feet grounded and your head on your shoulders and only rent the car that you or your group needs. If you do wish to spoil yourself a little, try your luck by subscribing to the car rental agency’s mailing list and you might score an upgrade coupon!

Fill her up

Car rental companies are quite particular about their gas gauge. It is imperative that you fill up the gas tank of your rented car the exact amount it had when you first got her. If not, you’ll find yourself paying extra more for a per-gallon increment of gas. There are also apps made especially to track your gas consumption like GasBuddy or Cost2Drive.

Be sensitive to the time

If car rentals are sensitive about their gas, they’re more sensitive about keeping their schedules right on track. Cars that are returned late are penalized since they rely on your promptness to be able to clean up, prep, and ready the car for the next renters.

Why You Should Search For The Best Car Rental Rates

Living in the real world isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. You go to a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week (sometimes even 6) and you’re only given 2 days to rest. You feel like work gets all your time and family time seems to be never enough. When these feelings appear, it may just be signs that you need a vacation, and it’s a vacation that requires hauling the entire family in a huge SUV and going for a long to get to the sandy beaches or to that theme park that’s a family favourite.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going and what you’re gonna do, of course the next most practical thing to do when it comes to planning a vacation is to rent a car from a company that has the best car rental rates. If you’re already wondering why you should opt to spend money to rent a car when you already have a perfectly working SUV right in your garage? Here are a few good reasons why renting a car is the best way to go when planning vacation with the family:

  • You won’t have to worry about tune-ups and the car breaking down in the middle of the road. If your rented vehicle breaks down, you can simply call your car rental service and someone will come over with a new car for you to use.
  • You can pick any car you wish you to use depending on the number of people riding with you and where you wanna go. If you’re passing roads that are quite bumpy, then you save your actual car from wear and tear and you get to use a fab 4×4 vehicle too!
  • Renting a car saves your car from, as mentioned above, wear and tear. This would be incredibly helpful especially if your car is either brand-spanking new or really old.

Save yourself from the stress. It may be a vacation where you get to relax but the preparation may just be equal how much relaxation you’re about to have. Eliminate at least one factor to take care of during planning and let RentACarNow take some of the load for you!

10 Ways to Save Money When Renting a Car

Planning to hit the road this Labor Day weekend? So are most vacation-minded Americans: AAA estimates 27.3 million people will travel by car for this last end-of-summer weekend. Want to save even more money on your trip? Whether you’re connecting to your destination after a flight or forgoing planes and trains in favor of the open road, RentACarNow.com has a list of crucial tips for motorists looking to save cash when renting a car — and avoid costly mistakes at the rental-car counter.

1. Don’t miss out on discount codes and special deals.

You might already be eligible for a rental car discount and not even know it. AARP or AAA members can often get a discount of 10% or more, and government employees or members of the military are also eligible for reductions in price. Before you rent, be sure to check major rental car companies’ websites and look for their current special discounts.

2. Don’t supersize your rental car.

The thought of driving down the highway in a luxury vehicle, pricey convertible, or giant SUV can be tempting, but resist, especially when a rental-car employee tries to upsell you to a nicer vehicle. Remember those few extra dollars a day, plus the extra taxes and fees, can easily add up to a nice chunk of change over the entire rental period. Plus, renting a larger car than you really need, means paying more for gas — not to mention having a harder time squeezing into parking spots.

3. Secure your car early, but also check for last-minute deals.

Unlike airfare, it’s generally quick and easy to cancel a rental car reservation and rebook it without penalty. That wiggle room can save you major bucks: Reserve your rental car as early as possible, even if you’re not totally sure of your exact travel dates. Then, as your vacation approaches, check online to see if rates have changed. If you find a better deal, call and see if you can cancel your existing reservation and make a new reservation at the lower rate.

4. Book off-airport rental cars.

Renting a car at the airport is convenient, but it often comes with the added expense of airport rental-car taxes and extra fees. When booking a car in your hometown, it can be a smart financial move to rent from a neighborhood location instead of at the airport. Compare the cost of each option, including all fees and taxes. If you find a cheaper rate away from the airport, you can often take a free shuttle or a short taxi ride there and save big money.

5. Check for unlimited mileage.

If you plan to drive a significant number of miles, ensure that your rental car has unlimited mileage so you can avoid overage charges. Most rental cars include unlimited miles, but there are exceptions. Also: Check ahead to be sure you can take your rented car where you need to go: Sometimes car companies have restrictions about taking the vehicle to other states.

6. Watch out for one-way rentals.

If you can, avoid one-way car rentals. Often there are hefty drop-off fees that go along with a one-way rental. Be fully aware of any extra fees when planning your trip.

7. Ask to waive additional driver/underage fees if needed.

Tell the rental car company about any additional drivers (especially anyone under age 25) who might operate the car other than the person whose name is on the rental agreement. There are often extra fees that go along with extra drivers, but sometimes you can get them waived just by asking, especially if you have rented from that company in the past.

8. Don’t pay for unnecessary conveniences.

It might seem easier, but it’s almost always a bad deal to pre-pay for gas or bring it back less than full and pay the inflated fees that the rental car companies charge for gas. A recent article in USA Today reported that some rental car companies charge as much as $9.29 a gallon when a car is returned without a full tank. If you take a few extra minutes to fill up the tank yourself, you can avoid that inflated price. Also, if you have a non-smoking car (which is the standard for most rental cars now), it’s a bad idea to light up, as you could get hit with a cleaning fee of $200 or more.

9. Avoid paying for insurance from the rental company.

For most people it’s unnecessary to purchase insurance at the rental car counter because of pre-existing coverage included with their auto insurance policy or credit card, so make sure to do your insurance research before you pick up the car. Not only is the rental car employee not an insurance expert, but he or she also has an incentive to sell you insurance, so double check take make sure you don’t have more insurance than you need.

10. Save time and money by booking online.

You can almost always find the cheapest rental car rates by booking online rather than by phone or at a rental car counter. Plus, when you book online, it’s simple to compare rental car rates for all the top rental car companies and find the best deal. Use a site like Rent A Car Now to compare all major car rental vendors at once.

Enjoy your end-of-summer vacation with the extra cash!

Join the Club and Get Bonus Perks when You Rent a Car

Even if you don’t travel often, you probably have too many plastic cards to fit in your wallet – from credit cards to grocery stores to health clubs to video rental stores and more. And if you do travel a lot, then you likely have a stack of frequent flyer cards and hotel cards as well. The last thing you want to do is add more cards to that pile, right? Well, maybe not. Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveler, it makes sense to also sign up for the loyalty cards offered by the major rental car companies. And remember that not all of them even give you an actual card anymore, and you certainly don’t have to carry it with you if they do (they can always look up the number for you).

If you do travel often, then you can end up with some nice perks and discounts after just a few rentals, and even if you don’t it makes sense to have a card because at least that sets you apart from an everyday customer. If there’s a problem at the rental counter or with your car, you’ll find that often you get better service if you have a loyalty card with that company (even if you don’t have a lot of points on it). After all, these programs are all free, so go ahead and sign up.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Rent a Car before You Buy It

Buying a new car, or even a late model used car, is a huge investment and one that is likely to only be second to your home in cost. That’s why it’s surprising how many people buy a car after only taking a short test drive around the block. Inevitably some people end up regretting that car purchase after a few days when they notice it has a huge blind spot, an uncomfortable seat or annoying road noise. While some dealers will let you keep a car overnight if you are serious about buying one, you are unlikely to get much more than that. So that’s why many people decide to rent a car first after they have decided on a make and model.

Of course this doesn’t work with every car depending on the model, but you’ll discover that for most common vehicles it’s pretty easy to find one for rent from any major rental car company. While it is a small expense to rent one over the weekend, it certainly can be worth the peace of mind before throwing down $20,000 or more to buy a new one. Weekend rentals are generally pretty cheap, especially at RentACarNow.com, so if you have a particular car in mind that you are looking to buy, why not rent it for a few days and make sure you are making the right decision.

How to Rent the Car of Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream car – for some it’s a lightning-fast Ford Mustang and others long for the luxury of a Mercedes sedan while still others want to have their hair blowing in the wind as they cruise down the highway in a convertible. While your dream car might not be practical, either because there’s no room for the kids or the price is simply out of your reach, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Most of the major rental car companies now offer rental cars that go well beyond the standard classes like mid-size and full-size. Each company has a fancy name for this class of rental cars, such as the Adrenaline Collection or Prestige Collection, but they all give you the chance to rent a car for that special occasion, weekend trip, or just because you’ve always wanted to drive a certain car.

While it’s going to cost you more to rent a car from one of these special collections, you might be surprised to find that the total cost is still pretty affordable, especially when you compare that to the cost of buying one of those cars. Many of these elite cars are available through RentACarNow.com, while others might only be available through the specific rental car company’s website. So if you have a special car in mind, why not try renting it instead of buying it.

Watch Out for Frequent Flyer Mile Surcharges When Renting a Car

Perhaps inspired by the airline industry, which now charges customers an extra fee for everything from snacks to blankets to checked baggage, the rental car industry has created a few new fees of its own in recent years. One of those is frequent flyer surcharge, or something with a similar name, that the rental car companies charge customers who opt to receive airline miles with their rental. In some cases, they are just passing on the expense of those miles, and it other cases they are actually charging more than the actual value of the miles. So it’s a good idea to check what the frequent flyer surcharge is and how many miles you could potentially earn before deciding if you want those extra miles.

The surcharge varies by company, but generally it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 per day. With it being a standard practice to provide 50 miles per rental day, the cost to the renter is about 2 cents per mile. The problem is that most travel experts say that an airline mile is only worth about 1.2 cents. So in that situation, you are probably better off just skipping the miles. But if you can find a special deal with double or triple miles, or some other bonus mileage, then it can be a good idea. So when you pick up your car, make sure you understand how many miles you can earn and compare that with the surcharge to decide if it’s worth the money. For more information, check out this travel article in USA Today.

What to Consider When Renting a Car

When renting a car there should be some questions you ask yourself. What type of car do I want? How many people are you going to need? And of course,” How much am I willing to spend?” This will help you avoid making a hurried or expensive decision that you may regret later. At the same time, be aware that vehicle classification systems vary.

The terms “compact,” “mid-size,” and “luxury” sometimes differ among companies. You should always make sure to carry your driver’s license and some form of ID just in case, and find out beforehand if you’re able to use a debit card, cash and or credit card as well.

Why Renting a Car is Often Cheaper than Flying

It seems like just about every week the airlines are inventing a new fee or raising airfares, and that’s why so many people are now considering the option of renting a car instead of flying. Of course if you are taking a trip from New York to L.A., then driving might not be a great idea, but it really does make financial sense (and cents) to check out how much you might save by renting a car and driving for some of your shorter trips. Especially with the low rates at RentaCarNow.com, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars by driving. And if you are traveling with the family, those savings can really add up.

Even if you do find a decent airfare, make sure you take all the extra fees and taxes into account so that you have a true idea of the total cost. If you plan to check any baggage, want an aisle seat or just want the comfort of a blanket, you are going to have to pay extra to the airline. On the other hand, if you rent a car, then you can sit in whatever seat you want, bring as much baggage as will fit, and you can bring your favorite blanket from home. So before you book your next plane ticket, take a few minutes and see how much you could potentially save by renting a car and driving. You’ll also save the aggravation of going through airport security, sitting around in the airport and fighting for overhead bin space, plus you never know what you’ll experience out on the open road.

How to Rent a Car without a Credit Card

Until fairly recently, it was almost impossible to rent a car without a major credit card. But that has slowly changed, and while it can be a bit of a hassle to rent without a credit card, it can be done. If you don’t have a credit card, the next best option is to use a debit card. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Most car rental reservations through RentACarNow.com do not require a credit card, but it’s a good idea to check with the car rental vendor ahead of time if you don’t want to pay using a credit card. Most companies will accept a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo, but there will often be a hold placed on your account for $200 or more, so be sure you have enough funds available. You are also likely to have more paperwork to fill out at the rental car counter because the rental car companies are usually more thorough in checking ID and insurance if you don’t have a credit card. Be sure to check ahead of time and ask what kind of documentation you will need. Some companies will also perform a credit check. Also, there might be restrictions on what kind of car you can rent with a debit card – they are unlikely to rent you a $40,000 luxury car with a $200 deposit, for obvious reasons. As with many other things, a little advance planning and asking questions ahead of time will go a long way to making renting without a credit card a much smoother process.