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Can You Smoke in a Rental Car?

If you’ve been traveling long enough you might remember the days when you could smoke on an airplane, but of course those days are long gone (at least in the United States and Canada) and now smoking bans have spread to restaurants, hotels and rental cars. So if you are renting a car at RentaCarNow.com, you might be wondering whether you can smoke in the car, or on the flip side, you might be looking for a smoke-free car. The policies related to smoking vary widely by rental car company and even by location within the same rental car company, but here are a few things to remember.


When you pick up your rental car, make sure it’s one that fits your smoking needs. If you have a smoke-free car, it will usually have a sticker on the window, dashboard or keychain. Just remember that if you (or someone else) smokes in a smoke-free car, you could be charged a hefty cleaning fee, sometimes as much as $250. If you do want to smoke in your rental car, it’s a good idea to check with the vendor before you arrive, and then make sure you request a smoking car at the rental counter.

It Pays to Read the Fine Print on Your Rental Car Contract

It seems like we are bombarded with so much paperwork these days that it’s become a habit to sign contracts without even reading what they say. And while that’s not a big deal in many situations, you should at least glance through a rental car contract so that you know the rules you are agreeing to adhere to. Now if there’s a huge line behind you at the counter, you can probably go ahead and sign the contract and read it in the rental car lot, since they are not going to let you rent without signing the contract anyway. So let’s take a look at a few lesser known items that are part of many contracts, and that could be expensive if you violate them, even unknowingly.

One common prohibition is driving off-road or on unpaved roads. While that might not be an option if you are renting a Toyota Corolla, just because you have an SUV doesn’t mean you can test out the four-while drive in the back country. And while it might be difficult for the rental car company to know if you take a car off-road, they will surely find out if the vehicle breaks down or is damaged while not on a paved road.

Another common one is additional drivers. Generally speaking, you need to inform the rental car company (and sometimes pay an additional fee) if there are going to be other drivers other than the person who signed the rental agreement. This even applies to spouses. Again, there’s a chance the rental company will never find out about an unauthorized driver, but if there’s an accident or other incident then they are going to know and could charge you extra or void any insurance coverage you have with the vehicle.

Finally, make sure you read the fine print to see if there are limitations to the unlimited mileage that you will probably get with your car. Sometimes there are exceptions and extra fees if you drive the car outside of the state or states listed in the contract. This can also apply to Canada. In this situation, the rental car companies can often find out by the GPS system on the car (regardless of whether you paid extra for the GPS navigation) or if you go through any automated toll booths. The extra fees for this can be steep, so ask questions and read the contract. These are just a few more ways to help you save money when you rent a car at RentACarNow.com.

The Do’s and Don’ts: How to Avoid a Big Rental Car Charge

Everyone is looking to save money nowadays. Since you’ve already found RentACarNow.com, you already have a pretty good start, because at our site you are sure to find some of the lowest rental car rates anywhere. But once you get into your rental car, there are some nasty fees that you’ll want to avoid. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

One thing you want to do before you leave the rental car lot is to check the car for damage. Make sure you walk all the way around the outside of the car and look for dings, dents and scratches. If you notice anything, return to the rental counter and have that damage noted on your contract. Otherwise, when you return the car you could get stuck with a bill for the damages.

If you or any of your passengers plan to smoke in the rental car, make sure you specifically ask about the rules. Some car rental companies have smoking cars, while others have gone completely smoke-free. If you smoke in a car that is non-smoking, you could be hit with a hefty cleaning fee when you return it.

If you are renting a car in Kansas, this probably is not an issue, but make sure you know the rules about leaving the country. Oftentimes taking a rental car into Canada is no big deal, but the same cannot be said for Mexico. Many rental car companies specifically prohibit taking their cars into Mexico, especially certain areas of the country, and in most cases neither your own insurance nor any insurance purchased through the rental car company will be valid in Mexico. So check with the rental car company first if you plan to head south of the border.