Save Money with a Full Week Rental Instead of Five or Six Days

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Common sense dictates that renting a car for an entire week is going to be more expensive than a five- or six-day rental period. But as is often the case in the travel world, sometimes the best bargains can be found in situations that don’t exactly make sense. Such is the case when it comes to certain car rental situations. Let’s look at another tip that can help you save even more money on a rental car at

Now this tip is not going to work if you are just taking a quick weekend vacation or a short business trip, but anytime you are looking to rent a car for five or six days, make sure you also check the rates for a full week rental. These rates are easy to find by altering your rental dates by a day or two on either end. Sometimes you’ll be surprised how much cheaper these rates can be and how often it’s a good idea to get a full week rental even if you don’t need the car quite that long.

When you find a good deal like this, you basically have two options. You can return the car early before the full week is over, but just make sure you check with the rental car company that there’s no penalty for an early return. Of course if you are renting a car near your home or have flexible travel plans, then it’s easy enough to just keep the car an extra day or two. This is just one more tip that can help you find the best rental car deal at

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