Save Money by Checking Rental Car Rates Before Booking Airfare

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Most people book their airfare first and then start shopping for the best rental car deals, but in many cases it makes sense to reverse that order. Let’s say you are taking a trip to New York City and you find that airfare is a little cheaper at JFK as compared to LaGuardia or Newark airports. But if you save $20 on the flight and then spend $100 more than you have to on a rental car, then you really didn’t save any money at all. So anytime you are flying to an area that has multiple airports, make sure you check to get an idea of how the rental car rates compare at each location and then use that information when you are deciding which airport to fly into. You can sometimes find significant differences that will more than offset any difference in airfare.

If you are flying somewhere without an alternative airport, it makes sense to check other rental locations that are located close to the airport. Sometimes you’ll find that a location just a few miles from the airport can save you 25% or more on a rental car, especially when you consider those locations won’t have the extra fees and taxes that airport locations often charge. And while it might be a little inconvenient to take a taxi to pick up a rental car from the airport, it might well be worth it if that $20 taxi ride saves you $100 on your rental car.

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