How to Earn Extra Airline Miles on Your Next Car Rental

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It used to be that it was pretty easy to rack up a significant number of airline miles every time you rented a car. But just as it’s now harder to redeem those airline miles or points for a free flight, it’s a little harder to earn much from rental car companies. Most rental car companies now offer 50 airline miles per rental day, although there are exceptions. And those exceptions are exactly what you should look for to maximize your value. The first to thing to do is look for the cheapest rental car rates at Then make a note of the top two or three companies with the best rates and check their websites to see if they are currently having any special bonuses or offers. If you find one that offers a substantial bonus, it might even be worth paying a little more for that rental. And remember, rentals booked at are eligible to earn airline miles. Just provide your frequent flier number when you pick up the car or drop it off.

If you have achieved elite status on an airline, you are sometimes eligible to earn bonus miles with some rental companies. These bonuses vary widely by airline and by rental company, so the best idea is to just do a quick check of the major rental car companies and see what kind of bonuses they offer for your preferred airline. You can also try calling the help line provided with your airline elite status membership and they can tell you some of the bonuses available.

In the end, you are still not going to earn a huge number of airline miles for a short rental period, but even a few hundred extra miles can make a big difference, especially if you are closing in on the threshold to earn that next free flight.

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