Five Easy Steps to Save Money on Rental Cars

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Everyone likes to save money, but not everyone likes spending hours of research time just to save a few bucks. After all, if you need to spend four hours searching around for the lowest car rental rates and end up saving an extra $15, is that really worth it? With that in mind, here are five easy tips that can keep some more money in your wallet without spending too much of your time. First, it makes sense to use to compare rates for many of the leading rental car companies to find the best deal. Second, make sure you are renting a car that meets – and not exceeds – your needs. So if you are traveling alone, it can be cheaper to get a compact or mid-size car instead of a full-size. You’ll save both on the rental charges and on gas.

Tip number three is to bring any extras, such as a GPS or child safety seat, with you instead of renting them. It might be a little more convenient to rent those from the rental car company, but those charges will add up. Another tip is to decline the prepaid gas option and just fill up the tank yourself. That’s almost always a better deal financially. Finally, make sure you check the rates not just at the airport, but also at locations close to the airport. You can often find some big discounts at non-airport locations. With just a few minutes using those tips, you can save some serious money.

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