Don’t Pay Too Much For Gas With Your Rental Car

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When you pick up your rental car, one of the first questions you will be asked if whether you want to prepay for gas. Despite what the agent might try to tell you, that’s almost always a bad deal. Even though it’s true that the rental car companies will charge a pretty competitive price for a gallon of gas, they make you prepay for the entire tank full of gas. So unless you plan on returning the car while running on fumes, you are basically giving them some free gas when you return the car. Of course if you have an unlimited business expense account, or if you know you’ll be running late and won’t have time to fill it up yourself, then buying prepaid gas might not be all that bad of a deal when you consider the convenience.

But since you already came to, it’s a good bet you are looking to save money on your rental car. In that case, filling up the tank on your own is the way to go. Just remember that the gas station closest to the airport is often not the best deal, especially if it’s a single gas station with no competition nearby. The smart move is to make a note of the best gas price on your way out of the airport, and then hit that station on your way back to return the car.

Just make sure that you do return the car with a full tank of gas, otherwise the rental car company will gladly charge you a hefty fee.

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