Bigger is Not Always Better with Rental Cars

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When you are shopping for the best rental car deal at, it can be tempting to reserve the biggest car available on your budget, especially when the next class of car is only a few dollars more. But you should consider the possible extra expense of that larger rental car. The biggest expense of course is going to be gas. If you don’t plan to do much driving, that might not be a big deal. But if you plan to drive a couple hundred miles during your rental, a larger car can easily cost you $50 or more in extra gas. Simply put, a large SUV just isn’t going to get the kind of gas mileage you will see from a mid-size sedan.

Let’s say a mid-size car gets 30 miles per gallon and a large SUV gets 15 miles per gallon. If you drive 300 miles during your rental, that adds up to 20 extra gallons at gas with the SUV. If you plan to do any long distance driving, then the difference will be even more. If you really need the space and extra seating, then by all means go ahead and reserve a larger vehicle, but make sure you think twice about doing that if you are traveling alone or with just one or two others.

Another thing to consider is driving safety and parking. If you are not used to driving a SUV, you might find it a bit challenging the first time, especially if you are driving in a congested city or going anywhere that will require parallel parking or navigating through a parking garage. That’s just one more car rental tip that can help you save money.

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