Always Check for Damage on Your Rental Car Before Leaving the Lot

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It’s easy to get a great deal on a rental car at, where in addition to the lowest rental car rates you’ll also find a variety of helpful money-saving tips and tricks. Here’s another tip that could literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Before you get too excited, this tip just helps you avoid a hefty charge at the end of your rental, but it’s an important tip nonetheless.

Regardless of whether you accept or decline the insurance option from the rental company, you should always, always give the car a good inspection before you leave the rental lot. That means take a few minutes to walk around the entire car looking for dents, dings, scratches and any other damage. Because once you leave the lot, you could be charged for those damages when you return the vehicle (even if they were already there).

Generally speaking, the rental car companies are not dishonest about charging customers for damage and won’t rent a damaged car in the first place, but it’s always possible that an employee doesn’t notice the damage on the car or that it gets damaged in the lot by another customer. If you do find any damage, make sure you return to the rental counter and either get a different car or insist that the damage be noted on your paperwork in writing. Taking just a few minutes to check for damage can save you a lot of headache and possibly some money.

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