A Tip for Saving Money on a Rental Car: Consider All the Options

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A couple decades ago, it was generally a good idea to go with a big-name rental car company, like Hertz, Alamo or National. Those companies typically had newer cars with lower mileage, while some of the “no-name” companies would give you an older, high mileage car. But things have changed a lot in the rental car industry, and now you can count on getting a top quality car from just about any rental car company, even smaller ones that you might not be familiar with, like Ace, Fox, Advantage or U-Save. In fact, thanks to consolidation in the industry some of the smaller companies are now owned by the larger, big-name companies.

At RentACarNow.com, we show you rates from a wide variety of rental car companies to help you find the absolute best deal. So if you see a great rate from a company that you don’t recognize, you can still be confident that you’ll be getting a well maintained car that is almost new. Oftentimes different companies will have different prices for identical cars. So is it really worth paying more money just to rent from a company with a familiar name? Most of the time it’s not, especially if you are comparing the same class of car.

Perhaps more so than most other comparison shopping, a big part of finding the best rental car deal simply comes down to the lowest price. After all, a Chevy Impala rented from Hertz is really not going to be any different than a Chevy Impala rented from Ace or Fox. At RentACarNow.com, we give you all the tools you need to find the lowest rental car rates.

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